32 goals for 32

I just turned 32. Which is crazy. I did not think I would live to be in my 30s. As a teenager I was so convinced I wouldn't live very long. Life felt so temporary. And now I feel the complete opposite. I want to live forever! Since my change in thinking I have started reprioritizing my goals and now I like to make a list every year on my birthday of everything I want to accomplish before the next birthday! I love to do this to challenge myself and to better create the person I want to be. I think 2020 was difficult because I had to put a lot of dreams on hold (going to Bali, going to Madagascar) But I think it was also good to refocus my goals and look more inward and focus more on things that I think were very beneficial. Including making my Oracle Deck on Self Help. Love Thy Self Oracle available HERE.

My plan is to come back to this list periodically and update and cross off goals. I think all these goals are completely do able and some of them may take longer than others. Some are one day projects and others could take several months. What are on your goals for this year in your life? Who do you want to be?

32 goals for 32

  1. Run a half Marathon

  2. Compete in a Bikini Competition

  3. Read 50 books

  4. Create a (another) Tarot Deck

  5. Create an (another) oracle deck

  6. Start a Podcast

  7. Write a book

  8. Go to Bali ( or another big trip)

  9. Get a new fitness certification

  10. Create dolls of everyone I know

  11. Show my art in an art gallery

  12. Make a quilt

  13. get a tattoo apprenticeship

  14. Sell my art at a public event ( Craft show)

  15. Bake Vegan Cup Cakes from Scratch

  16. Do 1000 burpees

  17. Attempt MURPH

  18. Bake bread from scratch

  19. Run a marathon

  20. Do the splits

  21. finish my Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

  22. Write Graphic Novel

  23. Run Every Week

  24. Design a gym bag

  25. Be a better vegan

  26. write a song

  27. Make a goldfish purse

  28. Sell online fitness classes

  29. Create online course

  30. handstand

  31. Get Dance Certification (Zumba? 305?)

  32. Make more art!

I am pretty excited for this year. I feel blessed for my life and I love everything I get to do. I make a lot of art. I work out a lot. I honestly don't "work" much and that feels really awesome. I don't feel like personal training is work. I also make art and I guess I make money doing that but it also don't feel like work. I feel so fortunate. Sometimes I feel bad like maybe I should work more. But I am also working on buying less useless things and spending more money on experiences instead and I think I am doing a good job with that. I do like to buy clothes but I have gotten better at closet trading and things so I don't have to always buy new things or support fast fashion. I would like to save more money and maybe save up for a big trip, like yoga training in Bali. But I don't feel like I need to make more money but I do think if I focus more on my projects and put more into my blog and my art I will make more money anyway. Follow your passion right?

Reflecting on last year, I am proud of how much I have grown. I have focused more on friendships that make me feel good about myself. I have stopped trying to be other things for other people. I have really tried to spend this year healing.

31 was mostly good to me. I am glad I focused on more art! I created the Cats in Space Tarot Deck. I learned to pivot and start training virtually! Still wearing sparkles, still loving balloons. Heres' to this next year! Lets make this one our best one yet. XO

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