Another successful Kickstarter!!

I am so happy I am crying. My Kickstarter was funded! I feel so full of love. It's crazy to me how far I have come. Literally. I have had so many people along the way tell me I couldn't do it. Those little nay-sayers are never as loud as the one in my head, let me tell you!

The Love Thy Self Oracle Deck was a huge project, but it taught me so much. It taught me to believe in my ideas. It taught me the power of manifestation.

If you missed the kickstarter, get the deck here

There are 50 cards.

What Each Card Features

The guide includes with each card:

  • Affirmation -- Say this out loud to yourself in a mirror. Collect these Affirmations or try writing your own. These are meant to inspire you!

  • *Song* Each Card features a song available on a playlist on Spotify.

  • Detailed Description (2 to 6 pages) Each Concept and how it can apply to your life. These descriptions can be quite lengthy.

  • Quick Fix- After the Cards description to help you apply the concept to your life. Something to do right now to begin working on this concept.

  • Homework - More time consuming than the Quick Fix. How to dig into this card. These might take you a little more time or a deeper emotional commitment.

  • Dive Deeper- recommended books to read more about this topic. There is a lot of information out there!

I think I am going to a blog post about each card. And I want to share my playlist with you.

You can get the YOU ARE ENOUGH Sweatshirt Here

I am so grateful there are people out there who like my art. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have to much Love in my life. I love making art, and this project success makes me feel like I am on the right path and I am just going to keep creating art and keep finishing big projects because its all worth it. I am so fortunate. Thank you for all your support.

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